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"The Danbees’ sound is rock. Not indie rock or alt rock, just pure rock and roll."


"The Danbees openly exhibit signs of moderate experimentalism that I believe will eventually propel them to stardom."

- Too Much Love Magazine

"The Danbees are here to stay and have a chance of leaving behind a lasting body of rock music fit to inspire generations to come. The Veggie Tapes is shaping up to be one of the best releases, any length, to emerge from the rock genre in quite some time."

- Indie Band Guru

"The unbridled gut-punch rock music The Danbees bring to the table has the sort of immediacy longtime lovers of the style haven’t heard in years."

- Vents Magazine

"[The Danbees] are exponentially growing for a band who only debuted in 2014 and the road ahead for them is clearer than ever before with the release of their new single “Down at the Bar”."

The Indie Source

"This is the sound of a rock band on the way up, countering all the naysayers who say the genre is an artistic and commercial dead end..."

- Gashouse Radio

"One thing is for sure – the positive reception will continue, the crowds will be larger than before, the stages bigger, and The Danbees sound primed for the next leg of their journey in the music world with “Down at the Bar.”"

- No Depression Magazine

"The coolest young rock band in Brooklyn."

- VNDL Magazine

Rock and roll for the modern era...

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